Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting Started HaxeFlixel FlashDevelop Manual Way

Today i decide to try running HaxeFlixel ported by Beeblerox. he always update haxe flixel with new features and already make optimization so we can target almost all platform (of course the most hot platform right now, mobile are included).

you can follow this if you gonna use command line.

this getting started is using FlashDevelop manual way so i worked on windows
  1. download HaxeNME (haxe, NME, and others). 
  2. Install it using default setting.
  3. download HaxeFlixel-FlashDevelop-Template.
  4. extract it. open HaxeFlixel-FlashDevelop-Template-master folder, open $(BaseDir) folder, open Projects folder, copy 395 HaXe - Flixel Project folder to C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Projects.
  5. open Project.nmml.template in 395 HaXe - Flixel Project folder. delete <haxelib name="flixel"/>.
  6. open FlashDevelop then you can create Haxe flixel template like this picture below.
  7. download HaxeFlixel.
  8. extract it. open HaxeFlixel-flixelNME folder,  open src folder, copy all folders and files to your Source folder.
  9. then run the project.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Porting FlxGroup to FPGroup

when trying Flash Punk i trying to do sort z index and i found in Flash Punk layer in Entity used for z index. I like Flixel method better, so i porting some FlxGroup and some it's function to FPGroup. you can see it in FPGroup. This the Word code for testing add to group and sort.

Trying Flash Punk

Long time not posting on the blog. Because a few reasons i'm not using Flixel for a while until Adam update flixel :D. Now i'm using Flash Punk made by Chevy Ray inspired by Flixel and now maintained by Draknek. If you want to use Flixel i think you better use FlixelCommunity because Adam still busy to update Flixel and when i read Flixel Forum Flixel has a few bugs. If you want to use Haxe there are HaxePunk and HaxeFlixel.

I gonna list what each framework benefit that other doesn't had.


  1. tweener class.
  2. collision more complex (can use box, masking and pixel perfect).
  3. layer.


  1. pathfinding.
  2. multiple camera.
  3. record.
  4. group.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flixel Hello World

This steps to make Hello World using Flixel 2.55
  • Run Flash Develop
  • Start a new project by going to: Projects -> new Project...
  • When a window appear choose  AS3 Project. Give it name Testing Flex Compiles
  • it will create 3 folders bin (this the swf will be compiled), lib (external compiled library files here, such as SWCs, don’t put AS3 source code here), src (source folder).
  • Copy org folder from flixel to src
  • Expand src and open Main.as
  • Change with
  • Make new AS3 Document by going to: File ->New->AS3 Document
  • Fill with save as Preloader.as
  • Make new AS3 Document
  • Fill with save as PlayState.as

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Flixel?

Flixel is open source game making library created by Adam Saltman. Flixel can help you make your games without flash professional because Flixel designed to be used with free tools

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Setting Flash Develop and Flex SDK

This article show you how to setting Flash Develop
  • Download Flash Develop
  • Download Adobe Flex SDK 
  • This can be skip if you want Flash Develop to download it. Flex SDK need Java 1.6 runtime (JRE)
  • Install Flash Develop
  • Extract Flex SDK to a folder and rename folder to flexsdk
  • Move flexsdk to path in Flash Develop\Tools
  • In my case C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Tools. This will make Flash Develop set Flex SDK Location and Flash Player Location automatically

To setting manually Flex SDK and Flash Player:
  • Open Flash Develop
  • Go to tab Tools->Program Settings (or press F10)
  • In AS3Context tab set Flex SDK Location
  • In FlashViewer tab set External Player Location

Monday, April 18, 2011

Make free flash swf file

Software Needed:
1. Flash Develop
    source code editor
2. Adobe Flex SDK
    included to download in flash develop installer but i prefer download manual